Nick Cave – Fiber, Sculpture, Performance


Nick Cave’s “soundsuits” are absolutely sensational. The Chicago-based artist, educator, and former Alvin Ailey dancer creates whimsical costumes rooted in ritual, sculpture, textiles, and movement. Cave collects various objects such as buttons, fabrics, twigs, and toys with the intent to repurpose them into something new and wonderful.

The soundsuits are inspired by the masquerade costumes found throughout Africa, specifically West Africa. Big, bold, and otherworldly, the suits are a dream to look at when stationary. However, magic happens when the costumes are in motion. Cave seeks to question identity – who are we and who can we become? His work requires the performer to surrender his or her identity and take on the personality of the suit while maintaining an awareness of his/her body. Simply, Cave’s work is poetry in motion.

See his “poetry” below.