{Eargasm Friday | Jada Tribute} – Mos Def “Umi Says”


My precious daughter would have been 8-years-old today and as I think about our time together, I can’t help but remember the songs that became our soundtrack. 

I played music for her throughout my pregnancy. Jadabug’s favorite emcees were Mos Def and her father, 7evenThirty (Marq). Both artists had a completely different effect on her. It felt like Jada was doing somersaults every time I played Mos but when she heard her father’s voice, a stillness came over her. She would instantly stop moving as if she was studying Marq’s voice, analyzing every word and sound. It was a fascinating experience!

Marq and I would sing “Umi Says” to Jada every night when she was in NICU. She had this uncanny ability of knowing exactly when we were planning to leave the hospital. She would scrunch her face, turn red, and cry. Broke our hearts! We figured out that if we lowered our voices and sang a song, Jada would ease off to sleep, allowing us to tip-toe away. (We learned fairly quickly that trickery is a fair tactic if the outcome is a sleeping baby!)

So here’s to you, my little one! Continue to shine your light on all of us, forever and ever more.

{fly to da sun}






{Eargasm Friday} – Bilal “Open Up the Door”


Those who know me personally know that I absolutely adore Bilal Oliver. It’s been that way since I first heard “Soul Sista” back in 2001. (That video solidified my feelings!) In the years since that precious jewel dropped, Bilal has blessed us with 5 dope albums (including the leaked project, Love 4 Sale) and more features than we could ask for.

The brotha can sang. Period.

His new project, In Another Life, is magic and features productions by mad genius, Adrian Younge. Thus far, I can’t get over “Open Up the Door”. It’s a beautiful reminder to never forsake the tough times – after winter, comes spring.

If you need a musical pick me up, press the play button below.

{steel sharpens steel}


{eargasm friday} – King “The Story”


It’s been brutally hot so I’m grateful for the occasional cool breeze. “The Story” by King sounds like that moment when the wind swepts across your skin and you know trouble doesn’t last always. This song inspires you to take distant voyages and renew yourself. Check out the super cute video below.

Eargasm Friday | Sean P! Tribute – Sean Price “Bar-Barian” & 7evenThirty “Hook Heavy” feat. Sean Price


Back in 2014 my husband, 7evenThirty, was working on his album, The Problem. He was trying to figure out if he wanted to feature another emcee on the project and if so, who. Seemingly out of nowhere, 7even tells me that he landed a Sean Price feature. Look…I really don’t mess with too many rappers nowadays simply because it’s garbage but P! is one of my favorite emcees. Imagine my joy when Sean not only delivered a dope verse for “Hook Heavy” but he also wanted to do a video for the song. I geeked! The whole damn experience was pretty incredible to watch.

Unfortunately, Sean passed away on Friday, August 8th. It was news no one expected to receive. He was a talented, surly, and ridiculous (seriously funny) emcee who could rap most of these cats under a table. Hip hop truly loss a good one when P! transitioned.

I dedicate pics + brushes to Sean today. If grimy, dope hip hop is what you need then peep the vids below. “Bar-Barian” and “Hook Heavy” can get your Friday right.

Duck Down Music, Sean’s record label for over 20 years, released his new album today, Songs in the Key of Price. Cop it here: http://www.duckdown.com/website/store.

They are also raising funds to help support his family during this difficult time. You can make a contribution at http://crowdrise.com/seanp

May peace find his loved ones. {Rest in Power, P!}

Warning: Explicit language, NSFW

Eargasm Friday – Total “Can’t You See”


Biggie. Check. Dark shades. Check. Puff Daddy bounce. Check. Girl group over a dope beat. Check, check, check. This song is quintessential 90s and today’s jam as I head to my hometown for a 90s party. I anticipate dancing until my knees ache courtesy of DJ Young Venom and DJ Jonasty. In the meantime, I’ll be singing along with this oldie but goodie. Enjoy and happy Friday! {peace}

Eargasm Friday – Ibeyi “River”


If you are following me on social media (FB, Twitter, IG), you know that I am completely enamored with the Cuban-French duo, Ibeyi (pronounced ee-bee-yee) and their self-titled debut album. It’s a new love – only a few days old – but it’s pure. Twin sisters, Lisa-Kaindé Diaz and Naomi Diaz, weave together a variety of instruments, genres, and languages (They sing in English, Yoruba, and French.) that result in a rich, ethereal sound. For those who are fanatics of good album art, the packaging design for the vinyl is one of the dopest I’ve seen in a long time. The design alone is worth the money.

I don’t have a favorite song just yet but “River” is pretty darn close. Peep the video, in all of it’s unconventional glory, below.

Eargasm Friday – Maxwell “Let’s Not Play The Game”


I’ve been singing Maxwell’s “Let’s Not Play The Game” all week and when I’m not singing the song, I’m watching the video. Though the song is super dope, it’s the video that does it for me. I’m a sucka for earth tones, jewel tones, and Maxwell’s ah-mazing hair. The parallax effect and slow motion play in the video is killer. It accentuates the choreography which is the work of dance diva, Fatima Robinson. She also choreographed “Are You That Somebody?” by Aaliyah and “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See” by Busta Rhymes. Her resume is crazy! Peep the hotness below.

Happy Friday!

Eargasm Friday – Rick James “Hard to Get”


In 2003, I scored a cute, gray, ’90-something Ford Tempo that was fully loaded with a…tape deck. Thank god I worked at a music store that sold cassette tapes for a whole dollar. (Don’t judge! I was a poor college kid.) I picked up The Roots “Do You Want More,” “The Best of Maze featuring Frankie Beverly,” and “The Best of Rick James.” I played those tapes like they was going out of style (because they were) and “Hard to Get” was one of my fav tracks. It’s a fun, catchy song with the most epic hand claps ever.

Rick James simply doesn’t get enough credit. The brotha could sing, produce, play several instruments, and had a stage presence like no other. He was FUNK! Watch Rick do his thang in the awesomely 80’s video below.

Eargasm Friday – Corinne Bailey Rae “Closer”


This weather has been unpredictable; freezing cold at 6am Tuesday morning and hot as July by 6pm that evening. It makes no sense! But “Closer” by Corinne Bailey Rae is so smooth and cool and bite sized that it fits any weather condition Mother Earth throws at us. The song is from Rae’s 2010 album release, “The Sea.” It’s a {mood} setter for sure and I’ve been singing it very loudly while driving every day this week. Peep the fresh video below.