{Eargasm Friday | Jada Tribute} – Mos Def “Umi Says”


My precious daughter would have been 8-years-old today and as I think about our time together, I can’t help but remember the songs that became our soundtrack. 

I played music for her throughout my pregnancy. Jadabug’s favorite emcees were Mos Def and her father, 7evenThirty (Marq). Both artists had a completely different effect on her. It felt like Jada was doing somersaults every time I played Mos but when she heard her father’s voice, a stillness came over her. She would instantly stop moving as if she was studying Marq’s voice, analyzing every word and sound. It was a fascinating experience!

Marq and I would sing “Umi Says” to Jada every night when she was in NICU. She had this uncanny ability of knowing exactly when we were planning to leave the hospital. She would scrunch her face, turn red, and cry. Broke our hearts! We figured out that if we lowered our voices and sang a song, Jada would ease off to sleep, allowing us to tip-toe away. (We learned fairly quickly that trickery is a fair tactic if the outcome is a sleeping baby!)

So here’s to you, my little one! Continue to shine your light on all of us, forever and ever more.

{fly to da sun}






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