Thornton Dial – Folk Artist

1. “Don’t Matter How Raggly The Flag, It Still Got to Tie Us Together”, 2003  | 2. The artist, Thornton Dial | 3. “Lost Cows”, 2000-2001

Thornton Dial, a self taught artist, passed away on Monday, January 25th. His assemblages was an exploration of American history using a vernacular that was exquisitely black and southern. Dial used toys, rope, bones, wood, tin, cloth – just about anything that he saw could be utilized and transformed.

He was an accomplished artist whose work was acquired by top institutions – the MOMA, the Smithsonian, and the Whitney – no small feat for a man born into a sharecropper family in a small town in Alabama.

Dial’s voice and vision will surely be missed.

{rest in peace}

“I like to use the stuff that I know about, stuff that I know the feel of…” — Thornton Dial


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