Eargasm Friday – Rick James “Hard to Get”


In 2003, I scored a cute, gray, ’90-something Ford Tempo that was fully loaded with a…tape deck. Thank god I worked at a music store that sold cassette tapes for a whole dollar. (Don’t judge! I was a poor college kid.) I picked up The Roots “Do You Want More,” “The Best of Maze featuring Frankie Beverly,” and “The Best of Rick James.” I played those tapes like they was going out of style (because they were) and “Hard to Get” was one of my fav tracks. It’s a fun, catchy song with the most epic hand claps ever.

Rick James simply doesn’t get enough credit. The brotha could sing, produce, play several instruments, and had a stage presence like no other. He was FUNK! Watch Rick do his thang in the awesomely 80’s video below.


Eargasm Friday – Corinne Bailey Rae “Closer”


This weather has been unpredictable; freezing cold at 6am Tuesday morning and hot as July by 6pm that evening. It makes no sense! But “Closer” by Corinne Bailey Rae is so smooth and cool and bite sized that it fits any weather condition Mother Earth throws at us. The song is from Rae’s 2010 album release, “The Sea.” It’s a {mood} setter for sure and I’ve been singing it very loudly while driving every day this week. Peep the fresh video below.

Emory Douglas – Graphic Artist, Printmaker

Emory Douglas PicStitch

Emory Douglas was an art student at City College in San Francisco, CA when he decided to join the Black Panther Party. He traveled frequently from San Francisco to Oakland to spend time with the organization’s founders, Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale. One visit, Seale was designing the cover for the first issue of the party’s newspaper, The Black Panther, and Douglas offered to assist. That moment led to Douglas’ role as the Art Director for the paper and the Minister of Culture for the Black Panther Party, a position he served from 1967 to the 1980s.

Douglas’ work is easily recognizable – his bold lines, fearless imagery, and use of text jumps off the page. His intent was to create clear, powerful imagery that could communicate effectively to the paper’s audience, many of them being poor and illiterate. Every design was a visual representation of the revolution – the injustices, the solidarity, the anger, the fight, the blood, and the power. The Black Panther reached thousands of readers.

Huey P. Newton would have been 73 years old today. A charismatic and intelligent leader, Newton’s passion to eradicate the injustices experienced by black and brown people is still inspiring. For creatives, Douglas’ artwork is just as powerful. He illustrated a entire movement with intent and style. He still creates, although independently, and his work continues to discuss political and social injustices such as the HIV/AIDs epidemic, prison-industrial complex, and crime within the black community. See what Douglas’ is doing now at his website, http://emorydouglasart.com/.

{all power to the people}

Eargasm Friday – Georgia Anne Muldrow “Roses”


I smile as soon as I hear the first chords of “Roses” by Georgia Anne Muldrow. Then the beat drops and I’m overcome with joy! Muldrow has an infectious smile that somehow radiates through this song. It’s so dope that Mos Def added a verse and featured it on “The Esctatic” album. It’s absolutely timeless and I doubt it will ever lose its potency. Watch the uber cute video below!

Stop and smell the roses then {draw} them! Happy Friday, fam.

Vintage Dopeness | Augusta Savage & Richmond Barthe

Ya’ll know I love videos of artists. It’s a sacred thing to see artists in their creative place and these two vintage vids are blessed! Click below to see Augusta Savage and Richmond Barthe do what they did best – sculpt!

Jada-Dilla Weekend

Jada-Dilla Weekend
(l to r) 1. Me holding my precious nephew (photo by Brice Media); 2. A sweet ladybug visited us during Jadabug’s balloon release; 3. My dope cousin and me at Dilla Day – Jxn (photo by Poet Williams); 4. The flyer I designed for Dilla Day at OffBeat

I realized that I haven’t made a post in a few days –  I think I’m still recovering from my Jada-Dilla Weekend! It was absolutely wonderful; full of nostalgic food, balloons, fly hoodies, bright skies, ladybugs, family, friends, and {love}! I’m so grateful to celebrate my daughter in such a positive way. I’m also grateful to have hung out in the {dopeness} that is OffBeat – a cool, quirky, wonderful alternative store that sells everything I adore. (Records, vinyl toys, magazines – Oh my!) OffBeat hosted Dilla Day – Jxn and I can’t tell you the number of times I lost my ENTIRE cool every time a beat dropped. Dilla would be proud! Shout out to DJ Young Venom, DJ Brik a Brak, and DJ Sketch for keeping the spirit of J Dilla alive and well. Check out the OffBeat website, http://offbeatjxn.com/.

I’m full off the energy I received…so full and eternally grateful. {blessings}

Eargasm Friday | Jada – Dilla Edition – 7evenThirty “God” feat. Laurie Walker & Erykah Badu “Telephone”


Welp, it’s Friday! Yesterday was Jada’s bday and tomorrow is J-Dilla’s bday so I’ve dubbed this weekend, Jada – Dilla weekend. With that in mind, Eargasm Friday will have a double feature – “God” by 7evenThirty feat Laurie Walker and “Telephone” by Erykah Badu. These songs mean so much to me and remind me of the lives that have inspired me the most. Blessings to those in the ancestral realm – you are my guiding light.

{peace, power, love}