Eargasm Friday – Shafiq Husayn “Cheeba” feat. Bilal


She likes it…

Shafiq Husayn, for lack of a better phrase, is that dude. With over 30 years in the industry, the roster of artists Shafiq has worked with is absolutely incredible and includes Ice-T, Erykah Badu, Thundercat, Jimetta Rose, and Bilal. I keep his 2009 solo release, Shafiq En a Free-Ka, in heavy rotation. One of my favorite tracks is “Cheeba” feat Bilal (who happens to be one of my favorite singers). The video is literally a mix of roller skating funk and Blue Note refinement. Indulge your eyes and ears below.



Mary Sibande | in her own words

Watch the quick vid below for more insight about Sibande’s creative process and the story behind her alter ego, Sophie.

Mary Sibande – Sculptor, Photographer, Painter

(l to r) – 1. I’m a Lady, digital print on cotton rag, 2009; 2. Admiration of the purple figure, digital pigment print, 2013; 3. The Reign, mix media installation, 2010; 4. They don’t make em like they used too, digital print on rag matte paper, 2008; 5. Her Majesty Queen Sophie, digital print, 2010; 6. I Have Not, I Have, digital print, 2010 (images by Gallery MOMO)

Mary Sibande and her alter ego, Sophie, are taking the art world by storm. Be it a digital print or a full installation of one of Sophie’s larger-than-life adventures –  one thing’s for certain – the imagery is always surreal, bold, and vibrant. With Sophie, Sibande gives homage to the domestic workers in her family while tackling the power struggles that exist within post-apartheid South Africa.

I would love to stand in the middle of Sibande’s installation and let Sophie’s dream world whisk me away…I’m sure that experience would be life changing!

Titus Kaphar – Painter, Sculptor, Filmmaker

(l to r) 1. Excavation (The Invisible Man); 2. Time Travel; 3. Boys in Winter; 4. Sacrifice; 5. Self Evident

Titus Kaphar is pushing art into a new space by literally cutting, bending, and painting over…space. It’s a refreshing approach to a medium that can, at times, seem repetitive or empty – you know, shock value for shock value’s sake. But Kaphar’s work has depth, energy, life. He takes classical works and recreates them by adding the black image; that dark figure, historically present but rarely acknowledged. I’m really digging Kaphar’s work and I can’t wait to see what he does next. See more of his dopeness at http://tituskaphar.com/.

Eargasm Friday – D’Angelo and the Vanguard “Another Life”


I cannot stop playing this album. I’ve tried then I think about a line, a beat, a feeling and I’m playing it all over again. After missing this brotha’s spirit for so long, I’m glad he decided to give us this project. “Black Messiah” is funk and rock and funny and quirky and sensual. I must give props to Kendra Foster who co-wrote a number of songs on this album including today’s eargasm. Enjoy this sweetness, family! {peace}

Ekua Holmes – Painter, Collage

(l to r) – 1. MLK Jr. Day Google Doodle; 2. “A Matter of Time”; 3. “All Weather Friends”; 4. “Girl with Literature”

When I saw today’s Google Doodle, appropriately honoring Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I had to know more about its creator. Thank goodness for Google because within seconds I found the artist! Ekua Holmes, a painter and collage artist, created the lovely image of MLK Jr. arm in arm with other activists. It as if Aaron Douglass and Jacob Lawrence’s works had a love child! It’s absolutely gorgeous and her other works are just as beautiful. See them here,  http://www.ekuaholmes.com/.


Eargasm Friday – Alice Smith “Be Easy”


Alice Smith has the kind of voice that sticks to your soul. It’s full and passionate and raw. “Be Easy” has been floating around my dome for over a week now. The vid made me fall in love with the song even more. Fall in love too! {be easy}